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About Us

One of London’s finest luxury leather destinations, Impero London was designed and created in 2006 by London College of Fashion graduate Tilly and leather specialist, skilled tailor Mumtaz. Impero London is built on the 24 years of leather knowledge Mumtaz has inherited, alongside the 11 years Tilly has spent studying and working in London’s fashion industry. The duo’s shared appreciation of individuality and detail defines their avant-garde approach to leather tailoring. Their clothing is designed and made for those who wish to look strong, elegant and individual. The result is unimaginable creativity and exclusive leather garments of the finest quality.

Impero London strives to re-invent their vision and collections, revisiting fashion from the past, and applying it to the present and future by mixing traditional couture techniques with unusual tailoring, embellishments, luxurious textures & leathers.They are an exclusive brand, underlined by their rich tastes and refined craftsmanship, Impero has an attractiveness that is undeniably unique.

Their distinctive style attracts earnest support from members of Royal families, Diplomats, Oscar winning celebrities, Musicians and fashion coterie from across the globe.

Impero Leather

Here at Impero London we supply some of the most unique and innovative leather available in the UK. Our premium raw materials are sourced worldwide, resulting in an extensive range of superior quality and finish. Our 25 years of leather expertise, superior quality, unmatched service and exceptional value have made Impero London a preferred leather supplier to fashion houses, designers, film/music & hospitality companies worldwide.

Our ongoing investment in state of the art technology at our tannery, enables us to produce exciting leathers which are suitable for a wide range of applications. As well as offering all types of surface decoration we also introduce and stay up to date with trend led colours from the experts all of which can be viewed and ordered in London.

Where requested Impero will offer recommendations for the end use of the leather, our expertise will ensure that the material you chose is the most suited to your project.

Our luxury leather collections include:

  • Analine/ Semi-Analine
  • Sheepskin/Toscana
  • Hair on hide
  • Calf
  • Kangaroo
  • Nappa
  • Suede
  • Exotic- Crocodile/ Stinngray/ Ostrich
  • Fur Plates- Rabbit
  • Vegetable Tan
  • Paneling/ Flooring/ Automotive/ Aviation/ Hospitality

Various techniques and finishes can be applied, these include:

  • Custom laser embossing
  • Ornamental laser cutting
  • Impress
  • Perforating
  • Embroidery
  • Print

Our creative director Tilly applies her extensive knowledge, offering design consultancy & solutions to any bespoke project. You are welcome to bring mood boards, hand drawn sketches and even ideas that can be translated to a computer generated illustration ready for any production or design purpose.

Be assured that budgets and deadlines are of utmost importance and Impero London would never compromise on quality in order to achieve this.

Please book an appointment in advance to discuss your requirements and be prepared to be inspired on your visit.


We are capable of realising a series of services to brands that will enable them to carry out their leather projects with ease. We offer a full CMT (cutting,making & trim) service. We have a highly skilled team, and the latest in industrial equipment technology to create high quality, leather fashion items.

To book an appointment please contact: