Bespoke Fitting Service Available
Tailors of Bespoke Luxury Leather
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Visiting Service

In addition to arranged meetings at the boutique, we are able to accept appointments to bring our bespoke service to you. Visiting customers around London and across the globe is part of our service

The visiting service allows you to put time aside when when it is convenient for you either at home or at work. The visit can be discreetly scheduled between meetings, at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

Contact us at for more information.

Repairs & Alterations

If you require a repair or alteration to any leather garment please bring the garment to us so that we can asses what is necessary and advise accordingly. Body size and/or posture often change with the passing of time making alterations necessary.

We will be please to refit, recut if necessary and alter accordingly whenever possible. Again this complicated work will be done with the same loving care as in its original make. All work is overseen by Mumtaz himself and no effort will be spared to restore the garments condition as near to possible to when new. We will also maintain leather garments made by other tailoring companies wherever feasible.

Estimates in advance can be provided as required.